August 2020 Bible Reading Plan

Jenny MartinAug 10, '20

Worship music and Scripture are some of the greatest tools for getting through a hard time—or for any season of life! Wherever you’re at right now, I hope this month’s Little Bible Plan is a blessing to you. Available to download for FREE in English, Spanish or German at the bottom of this post.

A military member’s guide to balance transfers

Jenny MartinAug 10, '20

New year, new financial you? Almost everyone sets new resolutions on January 1, but that’s the easy part. Your resolutions might be job related, like scoring higher on your PT test. Or maybe it’s financial, like staying within budget and paying down debt. When it comes to debt, have no fear – there are great financial offers and tools available to help pay off credit card debt and get you back on track.

6 ways to build the winning team SPIRIT

Jenny MartinAug 10, '20

“No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra to play it” – H.E. Luccock Every member of the orchestra must understand the piece as the whole and also his own notes; only then the symphony will emerge. Similarly, any achievements of the organization are the results of the combined work by each individual in the company. The team members must have the same mindset, the same feeling, the same character to be able to work together.