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It all began when I was thinking about the post-retirement plan. As a veteran, I have crossed many challenges in the field where at times some of them are breathtaking moments. Yet deep down we are all human beings trying to constantly reinvent ourselves with all the faith as we know from the preachings. I personally tried to validate my feelings with others on how the most challenging jobs are fuelled by faith, almost everyone shared the same feelings. Having said that, to my surprise I realised that faith has more forms that I ever know when I speak to my peers based on their experiences and religious beliefs. Yet, the characteristics of the faith remain the same and I came to the conclusion that we all are on the same boat by mutually respecting each other belief system and unite as a team to work on any mission. This may not be limited to my field of military, you may easily find this in any team of people working in any industry. It was such a mature team spirit that we pursued to get along for the common goal besides everyone living in their own worlds with quite many complex social structures.

After all, I felt that I promote these simple concepts of patriotism, faith, and team spirit for the rest of my life and try to share my understanding of their influence on us and their co-relation.

With this simple vision in mind, I started a small business and choose the merchandise as my choice of options to take these concepts to masses which is also under my small business budget. Finally, this has also fulfilled one of my childhood dreams to become a businesswoman if I weren't what I am now.

Finally my special thanks to you for being a part of this mission which is beyond business.

Team CMS Spirit.

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